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Manufacturing process of plastic wire and cable

Date: 2019-09-24  Source: Yaofeng

The manufacturing process of wire and cable is not static, and the cable manufacturing process of different materials is different. The following is a detailed introduction to the production process of plastic wire and cable.

1. Copper and aluminum monofilament drawing: copper and aluminum rods commonly used in wire and cable. At normal temperature, the drawing hole is used to reduce the cross section, increase the length and increase the strength by one or several drawing die holes. . Drawing is the first process of wire and cable companies. The main process parameters of wire drawing are mold matching technology.

2. Monofilament annealing: copper and aluminum monofilaments are heated to a certain temperature to recrystallize the toughness of the monofilament and reduce the strength of the monofilament to meet the requirements of the wire and cable for the conductive core. The key to the annealing process is to prevent oxidation of the copper wire.

3. Twisting of conductor: In order to improve the softness of the wire and cable, in order to facilitate installation and installation, the conductive core is formed by stranding a plurality of monofilaments. In order to reduce the occupied area of the wire and reduce the geometrical size of the cable, the twisted form is used while twisting the conductor, so that the ordinary circular variation is a semicircle, a fan shape, a tile shape and a compact circular shape. This type of conductor is mainly used on power cables.

4. Insulation extrusion: Plastic wire and cable mainly adopts a solid insulation type.

5. Cable-forming: For multi-core cables, in order to ensure the degree of forming and reduce the shape of the cable, it is generally required to be twisted into a circular shape. The mechanism of stranding is similar to that of conductor stranding. Due to the large diameter of the stranding, most of the twisting is used.

6. Inner sheath: In order to protect the insulated core from being damaged by the armor, the insulation layer needs to be properly protected. The inner sheath is divided into: inner sheath (isolation sleeve) and inner sheath (pad) Floor). Substituting the wrap layer in place of the tie wrap is performed in synchronization with the cabling process.

7. Mounting: It is laid on the underground cable and may be subjected to a certain positive pressure during work. The inner steel strip armored structure can be selected. When the cable is laid in a place with both positive pressure and tensile force (such as water, vertical shaft or soil with large drop), the structure with inner steel wire armor should be selected.

8. Outer Sheath: The outer sheath is the structural part that protects the insulation of the wire and cable from environmental factors. The main function of the outer sheath is to improve the mechanical strength of the wire and cable, chemical corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, water immersion, and the ability to prevent cable burning. The plastic sheath is directly extruded using an extruder according to the different requirements of the cable.

In the production of wire and cable, in addition to the use of raw materials, it is also inseparable from the use of some special production equipment to meet the structural and performance requirements of cable products, to meet the requirements of large length continuous and as fast as possible production.

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